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Food Fraud – intentional deception for economic gain using food – is one of the most urgent and active food industry and regulatory focus areas. Our work here at the Food Fraud Prevention Think Tank is focused on reducing the fraud opportunity through capacity- and capability-building. The sharing of information and education is a key foundation of this work. With increased awareness of the system vulnerabilities, the fraud opportunity can be reduced, making education a valuable weapon in your food fraud prevention arsenal.

With this goal in mind, our Food Fraud Prevention Academy was established to provide free online training courses, or MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses,) to address a broad range of topics related to Food Fraud Prevention. The Food Fraud Prevention Overview MOOC has been continuously offered since 2013, and three other Food Fraud Prevention MOOCs have rounded out the core series since 2017. Additional MOOCs are developed and implemented as needs are identified. Since 2020, these courses have been moved from Michigan State University, and the redeveloped courses and system have been relocated here.

We invite you to explore our free online courses, professional education events and other resources as you continue on your path of professional education.

John W. Spink, PhD
Director, Food Fraud Prevention Think Tank

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