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Live, interactive webinar versions of the on-demand courses:

Registration opens soon for:

  • Webinar B: Supply Chain Management MOOC & Audit Guide MOOC
  • Webinar C: Advanced Criminology MOOC & Food Defense MOOC
  • Webinar D: Enterprise Risk Management MOOC

Learn at your own pace with
free online training:

  • Enrollment and participation are free for all courses/MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)
  • Each virtual, on-demand course is self-paced and contains video lectures, supplemental content, and progress quizzes
  • Certificate of Completion available (optional, $100) – Note: The Food Fraud Prevention Overview MOOC includes a free Certificate of Completion
  • Each course equals 10 Professional Training Hours, which is indicated on the Certificate of Completion
  • Click on a course to see more information and to enroll

Organic Fraud Prevention: Core Training

Food Fraud Prevention: core training

Food Fraud Prevention: SPECIALIZED training

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