Food Fraud Prevention
Introduction, Implementation, and Management

by John W. Spink, PhD

Announcing the first textbook on Food Fraud Prevention, based on ten years of research, outreach, and teaching effort. Ten years after the 2009 journal article “Introduction to the Public Health Threat of Food Fraud,” the discipline has grown from “What is it?” and “Is it really a problem?” to “How to start?” and “How much is enough?” This textbook provides a one-stop guide for the introduction to the topic, implementation of the food fraud vulnerability assessments and prevention strategy, through to management of the ongoing strategy. See more…

Supply Chain Management Introduction:
Sourcing, Operations & Logistics
Including Supply Chain Disruptions and Case Studies of Food Fraud Prevention, Cybersecurity, and Enterprise Risk Management

by John W. Spink, PhD

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Food Safety in China
Science, Technology, Management & Regulation

Chapter 16: Food Fraud byYongning Wu, Hong Miao, Bing Shao, Jing Zhang, John W. Spink and Douglas C. Moyer

From contaminated infant formula to a spate of all-too familiar headlines in recent years, food safety has emerged as one of the harsher realities behind China’s economic miracle. Tainted beef, horse meat and dioxin outbreaks in the western world have also put food safety in the global spotlight. Food Safety in China: Science, Technology, Management and Regulation presents a comprehensive overview of the history and current state of food safety in China, along with emerging regulatory trends and the likely future needs of the country. See more…

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Food Safety in China
Past, Present and Future
(Mandarin language version)

Chapter 16: Food Fraud byYongning Wu, Hong Miao, Bing Shao, Jing Zhang, John W. Spink

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