Food Fraud Prevention Primers

Primer: Food Fraud Prevention

This is a two-page overview of the entire food fraud topic, including compliance requirements and the focus on prevention. This is the best starting point for reviews.

Primer: Food Fraud Prevention Method (FFPM)

This is a one-page overview of the steps to create and implement a food fraud vulnerability assessment and food fraud prevention strategy (e.g., VACCP).

Primer: Food Fraud Compliance

This is a three-page overview of the compliance requirements, including an in-depth table of US food laws and regulations.

Primer: Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessment (FFVA)

This is a two-page overview of the strategy and hierarchy for FFVA compliance. The risk tolerance is defined by an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM/ COSO) process.

Primer: Food Fraud Initial Screening (FFIS) Model

This is a five-page overview of the ‘initial screening’ or ‘pre-filter’ that is the preliminary step before conducting a more detailed Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessment.

Primer: Organic Product Fraud Audit Guide

This is a two-page supplement to the USDA National Organic Program training. This presents twenty questions for an organic product fraud audit or inspection.

Primer: Consumer Product Fraud Prevention

This is a one-page set of five questions consumers can ask to understand their product fraud vulnerability. This is a starting point for consumers and the public.

Primer: Food Fraud Suspicious Activity Report (FFSAR)

This is a four-page introduction to the Food Fraud Suspicious Report (FFSAR) tool created for a wide range of users, including journalists, regulators, public relations professionals, criminal investigators, criminal intelligence analysts, food authorities, and other researchers.

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