Food Safety in China
Science, Technology, Management & Regulation
(English Language Version)

Chapter 16: Food Fraud
by Yongning Wu, Hong Miao, Bing Shao, Jing Zhang, John W. Spink and Douglas C. Moyer

From the publisher’s website:
From contaminated infant formula to a spate of all too familiar headlines in recent years, food safety has emerged as one of the harsher realities behind China’s economic miracle. Tainted beef, horse meat and dioxin outbreaks in the western world have also put food safety in the global spotlight.

Food Safety in China: Science, Technology, Management and Regulation presents a comprehensive overview of the history and current state of food safety in China, along with emerging regulatory trends and the likely future needs of the country. Although the focus is on China, global perspectives are presented in the chapters and 33 of the 99 authors are from outside of China.

Timely and illuminating, this book offers invaluable insights into our understanding of a critical link in the increasingly globalized complex food supply chain of today’s world.

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Specific chapters of interest:

  • Ch 3 Food Safety Education and Training Programs in China (features mentions of the MSU Master of Science in Food Safety Program as well as the MSU Food Fraud Initiative courses)
  • Ch 5 Food-borne Diseases and Surveillance
  • Ch 14 Veterinary Drug Residues in China
  • Ch 16 Food Fraud
    16.1 Introduction
    16.2 Overview of Food Fraud in China
    16.3 Influential Factors and Characteristics of Food Fraud in China
    16.4 China’s Management of Food Fraud
    16.5 The Future of Combating Food Fraud
    16.6 Conclusion
  • Ch 19 Food Safety Risk Communication Practices and Exploration in China
  • Ch 20 Consumer Knowledge, Attitude and Behavior Towards Food Safety (The consumer perception and confidence is an especially important – and very unique – concern addressed in the Food Safety Law.)
  • Ch 21 Food Safety Laws and Regulations (There have been several new laws and this chapter provides insight on the future direction.)
  • Chapter 24 Food Safety Regulatory Inspection in China (With the evolving focus on food safety – including the expanding and refining of laws – the inspections will shift in focus.)
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