Food Fraud Prevention MoocLive Webinar B: Supply Chain Management & Procurement MOOC and Food Fraud Audit Guide MOOC – March 17, 19, 24 & 26, 2025


DATES: March 17, 19, 24 & 26, 2025 (two hours each over 4 days)
TIMES (Eastern Time Zone US/New York): 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon
LOCATION:  Live webinar
INSTRUCTOR:  Dr. John W. Spink, PhD
CERTIFICATES: Included, upon completion of final quiz
OFFICE HOURS: One virtual “office hours” meeting (half hour) is included

SUMMARY: A live, interactive webinar version of our on-demand asynchronous MOOCs, led by Dr. Spink, that covers the Supply Chain Management & Procurement best practices for food fraud prevention, and then the details of the GFSI-focused aspects of the regulatory and standards-based food fraud audit requirements.

Everyone seems to be talking about ‘supply chain management’ and ‘supply chain disruptions,’ but there is rarely coverage of the full scope of the topic. There is often even less about the food fraud audit requirements. This live and interactive webinar provides this in-depth coverage, and the scheduled format helps prioritize the completion of the course. This is a live version of the on-demand MOOC programs.

Why Attend:

  • Thoroughly understand the supply chain management & procurement systems to improve best practices for reducing food fraud vulnerabilities.
  • Understand the food fraud audit requirements to more efficiently and directly meet the compliance requirements.
  • Add to your overall expertise and insight on food fraud prevention.


  • Scheduled, live online instruction with Dr. Spink, plus interactive Q&A sessions.
  • Food Fraud Trends Update presentation included, which will cover insights and hot topics.
  • Pre-event survey for submitting your questions.
  • Post-webinar quiz to earn your Certificates of Completion for both MOOCs, which count toward your Master Certificate in Food Fraud Prevention.
  • Individual discussion during a 1-on-1 virtual office hours meeting with Dr. Spink (optional and self-scheduled, dates available for 5 weeks from start of webinar).


This webinar includes two MOOCs: ‘Supply Chain Management & Procurement’ and ‘Food Fraud Audit Guide.’ These are complementary since the countermeasure and control systems should simultaneously focus on reducing the supply chain vulnerabilities while being structured to meet food fraud compliance requirements. After an overview of food fraud prevention and vulnerability assessment, the key concepts of supply chain vulnerabilities and audit guides will be covered.

Supply Chain Management & Procurement

The webinar begins with the Supply Chain Management & Procurement MOOC. The focus is on understanding not only the key supply  chain roles and functions but also the systems that track and protect the products. We will address an integrated supply chain management process that extends from procurement and sourcing through logistics, distribution, warehousing, and transportation. Specifically, supply chain mapping is a key concept that is effective for identifying the nodes and links. Combined with the criminology theory of situational crime prevention, the most efficient and effective risk treatments can be identified. Together, this insight and action help to directly reduce the fraud opportunity.

Food Fraud Audit Guide

Next, the webinar continues with the Food Fraud Audit Guide MOOC . This content was created to help you be more prepared for an audit – it is key to understanding how the auditors are being trained. Initially, this MOOC was developed in response to industry calls for assistance with training certification body auditors as well as their internal auditors. Although the certification body auditors are usually experts on food safety, food fraud is a relatively new topic. Since company internal auditors are traditionally more trained in process compliance and accounting topics, this MOOC fills a compliance training gap.



  • LESSON 1 – SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT & PROCUREMENT MOOC (DAY 1 and DAY 2, two-hour sessions each):
    • Supply chain management overview of concepts and functions
    • Procurement and sourcing management and compliance requirements
    • Supply chain vulnerability mapping and focus on the vulnerability points
  • LESSON 2 – FOOD FRAUD AUDIT GUIDE MOOC (DAY 3 and DAY 4, two-hour sessions each):
    • Compliance requirement for laws & regulations overview
    • Food fraud audit requirement from food safety management system standards and certifications
    • Survey list of food fraud audit requirements
    • Food Fraud Trends Update



The “MoocLive” concept was created, at the request of students, to add live, scheduled courses to our professional education catalog. Many students had good intentions to take our on-demand courses, but the lack of urgency often led to the training time commitment being put on the back burner. Adding the scheduled webinars to your calendar provides motivation and time commitment to complete the course.

These MoocLive webinars, which are the live, interactive versions of the on-demand MOOC courses, have the added benefit of including 1-on-1 office hours with Dr. Spink. This optional meeting offers you the opportunity for live, customized discussion.

The MOOC programs are still offered in the recorded, on-demand format on our website. The MoocLive concept is a return to the original format. When the MOOC programs were started in 2013, they were only offered in scheduled, live sessions. In 2018, based on student needs, the program was converted to a recorded, on-demand format.

For you or your employees, register for the MoocLive series to continue your Food Fraud Prevention training. Also, upon completing the prerequisite courses and obtaining the certificates of completion, the student is eligible for the Master Certificate in Food Fraud Prevention.


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