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USDA-NOP: Preventing the Organic Fraud Opportunity

Note: This is a free USDA-NOP course, hosted and managed by the USDA-NOP Organic Integrity Learning Center – see below for enrollment instructions.

This is the second of two organic fraud prevention courses that were developed for a USDA-NOP-funded project through the Organic Trade Association. Both courses are included in the USDA-NOP Organic Integrity Learning Center, which hosts a collection of free, online training courses. The courses in the Center have been developed to train USDA inspectors, but will also apply to any company that uses the USDA Organic seal.

How to access this free USDA-NOP course:

  1. Go to site:
  2. Click “Create a new NOP Organic Integrity Learning Center account”
  3. Register as a user
  4. Click “Register for Course” on the left sidebar
  5. Scroll down to “NP-110 Preventing the Organic Fraud Opportunity” and click “Register”
  6. Click “Proceed to Checkout” in the upper right corner, and complete the enrollment process for this course
  7. Click “Go to Dashboard” and select the course to begin

This course will not appear in your Food Fraud Prevention Academy account activity.

John W. Spink, PhD, Director of the Food Fraud Prevention Think Tank LLC,
and Assistant Professor, Michigan State University

Gwen Wyard, Organic Trade Association
John W. Spink, Food Fraud Prevention Think Tank

This course expands on the “USDA-NOP: Organic Fraud and the Criminal Mind” course to review key elements and processes for conducting an organic fraud vulnerability assessment.

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