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CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION – Food Fraud & Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) MOOC

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Food Fraud & Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) MOOC (FFPE)

John W. Spink, PhD, Director of the Food Fraud Prevention Think Tank LLC,
and Assistant Professor, Michigan State University

Course and Enrollment Information:

This advanced  course in the Food Fraud Prevention training series provides an introduction to resource-allocation decision-making based on the COSO Enterprise Risk Management system. A key to efficient implementation of a food fraud prevention strategy is translating the food fraud vulnerability into the ERM assessment system. ERM, or an ERM-like system, is a compliance requirement in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act for US public companies (and some form of the system is usually required by all private and international companies.) The content begins with an introduction to ERM and COSO and then presents examples that apply directly to food fraud. Next, the content provides “how to start” and “how much is enough” guidance for implementation, including case study examples. The case study examples offer step-by-step “how to start” guidance.

This course is a prerequisite for the Master Certificate in Food Fraud Prevention.

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Course Structure:

  • Course access: this is a free, self-paced, online course, available on demand
  • Course content: introduction and initial student survey; lessons with video lectures, reading material and progress quizzes; and closing survey
  • Certificate of Completion: ($100) available for optional purchase upon successful completion of course, which counts towards the Master Certificate in Food Fraud Prevention
  • Professional training hours: 10, indicated on Certificate of Completion
  • Support/Questions: [email protected]

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