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Food Fraud Prevention: Advanced Criminology MOOC (FFCA)

John W. Spink, PhD, Director of the Food Fraud Prevention Think Tank LLC,
and Assistant Professor, Michigan State University

John W. Spink, PhD, Director of the Food Fraud Prevention Think Tank LLC,
and Assistant Professor, Michigan State University

Roy Fenoff, Ph.D., Manager, Food Fraud Prevention Academy,
and Associate Professor, Criminology, The Citadel (The Military College of South Carolina)

Course and Enrollment Information:

This advanced course in the Food Fraud Prevention training series provides an overview of Advanced Criminology and an introduction to the Food Fraud Incident Template. This course was developed after a request from the private and public sector because of the need for a standardized template and publicly available training. The foundation of the course is the Food Fraud Incident Template, which is a simple survey that helps gather complete information – or clearly identifies what information is missing, unavailable, or unknowable. The template may seem simplistic, but it is based on criminology concepts including Intelligence Analysis (Lesson 1), Food Document Fraud (Lesson 2), Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) (Lesson 3), the Investigations and the Food Fraud Suspicious Activity Report (FFSAR) (Lesson 4), and then a scenario for training before the conclusion (Lesson 5). Together, these lessons will create a broad and thorough foundation of understanding that will increase capacity and capability-building in food fraud prevention. The goal is to increase understanding of the problem so that there can be more efficient communication and food fraud prevention resource allocation.

Specifically, this topic was developed during the INTERPOL/ Europol Operation OPSON meetings and presentations in 2017 (Dublin), 2019 (Athens), 2021 (Lisbon), and 2022 (Copenhagen).

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Course Structure:

  • Course access: this is a free, self-paced, online course, available on demand
  • Course content: introduction and initial student survey; lessons with video lectures, reading material and progress quizzes; and closing survey
  • Certificate of Completion: ($100) available for optional purchase upon successful completion of course, which counts towards the Master Certificate in Food Fraud Prevention
  • Professional training hours: 10, indicated on Certificate of Completion
  • Support/Questions: [email protected]

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